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Promotion of book by Kobie Kruger – THE WILDERNESS FAMILY

We invite you to join us on Friday, May 28th at 8:00 PM, at the Gallery of Natural History Museum at Mali Kalemegdan.

Author: Kobie Kruger.
Translation to Serbian: Bojan Radić.
Book presented by: Voislav Vasić.
Parts of book read by: Vineta Marinović.
Virtual trip to Kruger Park: Bojan Radić.

Has Kobie Kruger, moving to the National Park Kruger with her ranger husband and three small daughters, ever thought about the dangers that stalked them in one of the most remote parts of the world?

What is expecting the ranger’s wife in a remote ranger station in Republic of South Africa? Maybe a lonely, boring, monotonous life?

Is it possible to prepare a friendly mischievous lion cub, raised in the house, for return to the wilderness?

You will find answers to these and many other questions in the book THE WILDERNESS FAMILY written by Kobie Kruger, daughter of movie director Jamie Uys, who made such cult films as “Animals are beautiful people” and “Gods must be crazy”.

In a simple but humorous way Kobie Kruger tells her story of adventures and unusual experiences during the seventeen years that she has spent with her family surrounded by luxuriant nature of Kruger Park. The beautiful rich nature presented them with many pleasures, but also with drama when they faced forest fires, floods and draught.
This interesting book was translated from English by Bojan Radić, translator and court translator, who will try to show us the ambient of Kruger Park through pictures of landscapes, plants and animals, and to lead us to places described in the book in such a picturesque way.

All interested visitors will be able to buy the book for the promotion price.

Discussion Panel “Culture of Salsa”

The discussion panel Culture of Salsa was organized at the first floor of Impuls Hall on March 2nd 2010. The participants of the discussion panel were: Nemanja Dragojlović – Sonero, international instructor of salsa and Afro-Cuban dances, Marko Broćić, member of association Young Pea, and Sandra Dimitrijević, member of dance school “Estilo Cubano”.

Besides the discussion panel, the happening has also included the dance performance Rueda de Casino, with the international salsa instructor, Denis Rizo Castro (Cuba) and members of dancing schools Estilo Cubano and Casa Latina.

After the end of the happening, the audience has also danced in salsa rhythm.

This discussion panel was organized in order to promote culture of Latin America within the additional program to the present exhibition Dinosaurs of Argentina.

The organizer of the panel in front of the Natural History Museum is Aleksandra Savić.

Mycological Society of Serbia at Gallery at Kalemegdan

The Natural History Museum continues its cooperation with the Mycological Society of Serbia, and is organizing following lectures in March 2010:

March 1st – Dr Jasmina Glamočlija, Higher Scientific Advisor of IBISS and President of MSS: “Overview of planned lectures and activities of MSS”.
March 8th - Boris Ivančević, head of biological department of Natural History Museum, Senior Curator-mycologist: “Protection of fungi in Serbia”
March 15th - Dr Aleksandar Krapez, long-term member of Executive Board of MSS: “Using field guides for fungi”
March 22nd - Prof dr Jelena Vukojević, Full Professor of Mycology at Biology Faculty in Belgrade: “Reproduction of fungi”
March 29th - Mirjana Davidović, President of Executive Board of MSS and author of many books on fungi: “Rusulales”

The lectures will take place at the Gallery of Natural History Museum, Mali Kalemegdan 5, from 6:00 PM. FREE ENTRANCE.