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First visitor of Gallery of Natural History Museum in 2011

The first visitor of our Gallery in 2011 was Nebojša Veđić from Belgrade, temporarily working in Russia. With his Russian friend Nikola had visited the exhibition Green and Black – the story of tea on Sunday, January 2nd 2011 at 10:35 AM. He was awarded a special present that will remind him of this exhibition.

Results of prize game “Match the calls”

The prize game “Match the calls” was organized at the exhibition Heavenly hunters. This game broke the record on longevity: it lasted for 26 weeks, from May 16th to November 14th 2010. As after 24 weeks there wasn’t a single coupon with all 16 right answers, the illustrated Curator’s help was introduced in the 25th week. After checking all coupons by all visitors, the Natural History employees found only 2 coupons with 15 right answers, used to determine the placement of participants and number and amount of prizes.

The first place at this game, with 15 points without the curator’s help, was won by Gordana Nešović, 105th participant, who had filled the coupon on June 24th 2010. The second place was won by Anja Perić, who filled the coupon on November 6th 2010. It was decided that the prize fund is divided so the first place winner gets 2,000 RSD and the second place winner gets 1,000 RSD as she had curator’s help.

I Prize, Mrs. Gordana Nešović

II prize, Miss Anja Perić